A maze in CITADEL


In the citadel, you will be alone. Grasping your torch, you will have to push back the darkness and advance in dark and gloomy corridors. In a place where magic is omnipresent, you will have to fight to survive. In this hostile environment, no one will come to help you and you will have to solve the puzzles alone in order to move forward. Be careful where you step, avoid traps. Hide in the shadows, but make sure a monster isn’t hiding there already. The citadel is alive. At the slightest mistake, she will swallow you up.


- First-person view, fully 3D and free-moving for better immersion.

- Take part in a captivating story and discover the secrets hidden between the walls of the citadel.

- Go deeper and deeper into different levels and environments with simple and efficient gameplay.

- Fight hidden monsters in the shadows in dynamic combats.

- Unlock special challenges that test your nerves.